Net Information


The Net meets:  Monday through Friday nights

8:00pm ET  /  7:00pm CT

3.990 MHz Plus or Minus QRM



We do not have a Net on the following days of the year:


New Years Eve & Day

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve & Day

We start taking early check-ins at 7:45pm IF THE FREQUENCY is clear. Please give your call slowly and clearly. Please do not leave until the Net Control Operator acknowledges that he has you checked in. We call our roster by state, then by city. If you haven't checked in for awhile, your city may not get called. Please wait until the end of your State, the Net Control Operator will call for additional check ins for that State, please check in at that time. If you need to check in early and missed the early check ins, please check in at the end of which ever State is being called at that time. This will be a great help to the Net Control Operator. In the event that band conditions are such that the Net Control Station cannot copy stations trying to check in or relay stations, he may decide to cancel Net Operations for that evening. There are times when the frequency is needed for emergency drills. The Net will cease operation and turn the frequency over to the requesting agency. It is the Nets standing policy to cease Net activity when W1AW starts its bulletins, then continue as soon as W1AW leaves the air.